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SKLZ Gold Flex - Golf Training Aid for Strength and Tempo Training / Golf Swing Trainer 48 Inches
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DEVELOP BETTER MECHANICS. Find the natural feel of lag, and develop core golf muscles with the SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer. Correct the path and develop a flatter swing plane that is initiated from the lower body, allowing you to fight slices

BUILD MORE POWER. Build muscle memory and strengthen your swing with the 2.5lb. weighted head so you can hit every ball with ease. The extra flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing, giving you more power and better control

THE PERFECT WARM UP TOOL. When you swing the trainer it creates a low-impact stretch to increase flexibility and range of motion. The momentum of the weighted head encourages proper weight transfer, improved form, centered balance and greater power

DEVELOP YOUR TEMPO. Swing the Gold Flex repetitively to gain feedback and correct bad habits. The exaggerated flex allows for a lag during your back swing to help find your tempo. Use this easy training aid 10-20 times a day to improve your game

MADE TO LAST. SKLZ provides you with high quality sports equipment that is durable, strong, and made to last. Whether you’re a competitive golfer, or play leisurely with friends, the Gold Flex will help you reach your goals
PROD번호 : 1510001283
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48 Inches

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