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UNI-T IR Infrared Thermal Imager, UTi80 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera
상품번호 : 1470002960
판매가격 :품절
상품상태 :신상품
원산지 :미국 외 국가에서 수입 및 제조
제조사 :SainSmart
브랜드 :SainSmart [브랜드바로가기]
실시간재고 : 조견표
cosInfo : ProdInc[1470002960]/MallKind[US]/MallID[aweboneus_100]
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Clearly Resolution: The 4800 pixels infrared sensor allows you to view and capture high resolution images immediately. Image Enhancement-merge visible light image and infrared image can help to fast locate the problem.

High Accuracy: Dual laser pointers allow you to more easily detect the center between two points than a single laser. Make infrared camera focus on the center to show accurate temperature.

Professional and Home Use: From home inspection to professional field, the UTi80 is perfect. Well-designed feature-20:1 DS ratio for safe measurements from long distance.

16GB Memory & Rechargeable: With a 16GB microSD card, Support thousands of pictures or videos. Also, include a rechargeable lithium battery for outdoor use.

Portable & Easy to use: Compact design allows it to be easily stowed and transported. Easy to operate with no special training required, and Technical Support to make sure getting started quickly.
ASIN : B07V4S5B53
PROD번호 : 1470002960
정보업데이트 : CV.35398 : 2020-02-26 수 오후 5:25:59

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