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ConPush Conpush Antifreeze and Battery Acid Refractometer with Adblue Concentration Control
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제조사 :ConPush
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The refractometer has an Automatic Temperature Compensation function, which guarantees the measuring accuracy at operating temperature from + 10°C to + 30°C (from + 50℉ to + 86℉).
For measuring the freezing point of antifreeze (ethylene glycol) and screen wash as well as the acidity of battery acid.
Measuring range: antifreeze 0°C to -50°C; screen wash 0°C to -40°C; battery acid 1.10-1.4 kg / L; AdBlue 30% - 35%.
Accessories: pipette, cleaning cloth, mini screwdriver and storage box. With the pipette you can absorb the sample liquid easily.
The refractometer is easy to use and the test result can be achieved in a short time and it is accurate.

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Width : 3.07 inch
Height : 2.13 inch
Length : 7.8 inch

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